Responding to Abuse

If you are a survivor wanting to report an incidence of abuse, you can do this through the diocese in which the incident occurred. 

You may choose to report an incidence of abuse to the Police, instead of or as well as, to the Church.

Here are some helpful links: 

Map of Australian dioceses


Caring for those who have been abused


Providing Pastoral Care to those Affected by Sexual Abuse

Clergy and church workers use this document to help them provide effective pastoral support to those affected by sexual abuse.

Document waiting publication

Pastoral Care and Assistance Principles

Dioceses use these principles to develop a scheme which provides pastoral care and assistance to those who have been sexually abused by clergy or church workers

Pastoral Care and Assistance Principles


Handling Complaints


National Register Protocol 1 – Inclusion of information

Directors of Professional Standards use this Protocol for the inclusion of information on the National Register.

The General Secretary uses the Protocol when including information on the National Register.

National Register Protocol 1 (Revised at GS17, September 2017) Inclusion of information on National Register Operational guidelines 

Resource - Reporting Historical Child Sexual Abuse

Dioceses use this document when establishing their policy for reporting to the police disclosures by an adult of their sexual abuse as a child.

Resource Reporting child sexual abuse (updated Nov 2014)

Form For Recording Child Sexual Abuse Information

The Standing Committee by Resolution 2009/3/037 noted and resolved: That the Professional Standards Directors' Network has approved and agreed to use the attached form for recording child sexual abuse information.

Professional Standards Case Summary Form


Responding to persons of concern

Pastoral Supervision of Abusers


policy for safe ministry with persons of concern

Clergy and parishes use this document to help ensure the safety of adults and children where a Person of Concern is currently participating or wishes to participate in the life of a parish.

Policy for Safe Ministry with Persons of Concern June 2017

Dioceses use the checklist when adopting and implementing the Policy for Safe Ministry in a parish where there is a risk of sexual abuse by a Person of Concern. 

Persons of Concern Policy - Guidelines for Implementation June 2017

Private Confession Pastoral Guidelines

Pastoral Guidelines with special reference to child sexual abuse

Guidelines for considering the issue of a licence to clergy and church workers who have engaged in sexual abuse or misconduct

Bishops use this document when considering the possibility of restoration to licensed ministry of clergy and church workers who have engaged in sexual abuse or misconduct. The Guidelines may also be used by candidates and restoration teams.

Document waiting publication


Standing Committee has endorsed these guidelines  as a resource for dioceses and other Anglican entities.

Principles for the use of names of persons - sexual abuse


Protocol for determining the responsibility of dioceses for disciplining church workers for misconduct 

At its meeting in November 2016, the Standing Committee recommended that each diocese adopt and implement the protocol for determining the responsibility of dioceses for disciplining Church workers for misconduct.