Public Affairs Commission

The functions of the Public Affairs Commission are:

(a)       to develop a process to assist people engage with public affairs.

(b)       to respond within its capacity to aspects of public affairs referred by the Primate, the Standing Committee or the General Synod or initiated by the Commission;

(c)       to work collaboratively with any diocesan body engaged in public affairs or any network of diocesan bodies engaged in public affairs.”


Dr Carolyn Tan (Chair)
The Hon Rev'd Lynn Arnold AO
Mr Bradley Chapman
Ms Kasy Chambers
The Rev'd Dr Andrew Cameron
The Very Rev'd Dr Peter Catt
The Rev'd Evan Pederick
Ms Rose Elu
The Rev'd Jan Crombie

REports to General Synod

Public Affairs Commission report to General Synod 2017
Public Affairs Commission report to General Synod 2014

Public Affairs Commission report to General Synod 2010
Public Affairs Commission report to General Synod 2007

Read more on the work of the Public Affairs Commission, see Social Issues and Public Affairs


The Public Affairs Commission has been actively working on promoting the Uluru Statement and Constitutional Recognition. The PAC is delighted that the Anglican Board of Mission has produced the  study guide “A Voice in the Wilderness”, consulting with NATSIAC and the PAC. This is an 8-part guide to enable people to listen to the Statement from the Heart (Uluru Statement) and to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples and to reflect and respond theologically. The study guide can be downloaded from the link below.

A Voice in the Wilderness