National Register

The National Register Canon was first adopted by General Synod in 2004. As development proceeded with a National Register, implementation of the Canon proved challenging and an extensive revision was proposed and agreed by the General Synod in 2007. Further amendments as agreed by General Synods in 2010 and 2014 have been adopted with the Canon continuing to be cited as the National Register Canon 2007.

​The National Register is an essential part of the Church's response to the prevention of child abuse and adult sexual misconduct​. The Canon provides for a national, transparent and accountable process to ensure appropriate checks are made before all ordinations, licences or appointments are made.

The National Register contains only information primarily pertaining to complaints or findings of child abuse and adult sexual misconduct as well as adverse findings against or adverse admissions made by clergy or lay people within the Church. Details about the operation of the National Register may be found in Canon 15, National Register Canon 2007. Operational instructions for handling of information on the National Register (input, inquiries, access and disclosure) are provided for in a series of protocols which may be found below. 

National Register Canon 2007 Canon 15, 2007 (Amended by Canon 13, 2010, Canon 09, 2014 and Canon 10, 2017) Full description of the National Register and information it contains
National Register Protocol 1 (Revised at GS17, September 2017) Inclusion of information on National Register Operational guidelines 
National Register Protocol 2 - Access to and Disclosure of information (Revised at GS17, September 2017) Access to and disclosure of information on National Register Operational guidelines
National Register Protocol 3 Ascertaining information on National Register Operational guidelines 
National Register Protocol 4 Amending information on National Register Operational guidelines 



Application for Amendment of Information in the National Register
Application for Authorised Diocesan Persons to Access the National Register Report Request System
Application to Obtain Information About Yourself in the National Register


Statement of Principles for Sharing of Information by Directors of Professional Standards

The General Synod Standing Committee has endorsed a statement of principles to be applied by  diocesan Directors of  Professional Standards in regard to sharing of information that may be relevant to safe ministry screening processes, but does not meet the criteria required for inclusion on the National Register. (SC2016/1/32)


National Register Audit

The National Register Canon 2007 provides that an annual audit report of the operation of the National Register to verify compliance with the Canon and the protocols under the Canon for each calendar year shall be published on the General Synod website.

The National Register Audit Report for 2016  can be downloaded from the link below:

The National Register Audit Report for 2016