Canons and Rules

One of the functions of the General Synod is to make Canons and Rules relating to the order and good government of this Church including Canons in respect of ritual, ceremonial and discipline. The Constitution, Canons and Rules of the Anglican Church of Australia are published after the General Synod Session in 'The Green Book'.

Canons affecting the order and good government of a diocese require adoption in that diocese for it to come into effect. Not every Australian diocese has adopted the legislation listed below. To clarify whether any particular Canon has effect in a diocese, please contact the General Synod Office on (02) 8267 2700.



This page lists Canons made by the General Synod which are in effect. A search function is provided  through which a particular canon can be found by searching by Year, Canon Title, Purpose or Keyword. 

For a full chronological listing of all legislation passed by the General Synod since 1962, please see Resources/Legislation.

Admission to Holy Communion Canon 1973

Allocation of Funds Canon 1995

Alternative Tables of Lessons Canon 1985

Anglican Board of Mission - Australia Canon 2001

Appellate Tribunal Canon 1981 (updated GS17)

Appellate Tribunal Procedure Canon 1962

Archdeacons Canon 1995

Assistant Bishops' Canon (The) 1996

Australian College of Theology Canon 2007

Australian Prayer Book Canon 1977

Authorised Lay Ministry Canon 1992

Bishop (Incapacity) Canon 1995

Board of Assessors (Appellate Tribunal) Canon 1962

Canon Concerning Authority on Certain Matters 1989

Canon Concerning Baptism 1992

Canon Concerning Confessions 1989 (updated GS17)

Canon Concerning Confessions 1989 (updated GS17) Canon 17

Canon Concerning Confirmation 1992

Canon Concerning Holy Orders 2004

Canon Concerning Services 1992 (updated GS17)

Canon Concerning Vesture of Ministers 1992

Canon for the Admission of Children to Holy Communion 1981

Canon Law Repeal Canon 1989

Chancellors Canon 2001

Confirmation of Bishops of Extra-Provincial Dioceses Canon 1966

Consecration of Bishops Canon 1966

Constitution of a Diocese Alteration Canon 1995

Defence Force Board Canon 1985

Defence Force Ministry Canon 1985

Disclosure of Information Canon 2017

Episcopal Standards (Child Protection) Canon 2017

Episcopal Standards Canon 2007

Financial Protection Canon 1995

General Synod Diocesan Boundary Ratification Canon 1973

Holy Communion Canon 2001

Holy Orders (Reception into Ministry) Canon 2004

Holy Orders (Removal from Exercise) Canon 2017

Holy Orders, Relinquishment and Deposition Canon 2004

Interpretation Canon 1995

Law of the Church of England Clarification Canon 1992

Liturgy Publishing Canon 2001

Long Service Leave Canon 1992

Long Service Leave Canon 2010 (updated GS17)

Marriage of Divorced Persons Canon 1981

Matrimony (Prohibited Relationships) Canon 1981

Ministry to the Sick Canon 1981

Missionary Dioceses Canon 1977 (updated GS17)

National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Anglican Council Canon 1998

National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Anglican Council Canon 2014 (updated GS17)

National Home Mission Fund Canon 1985

National Register Canon 2007 (updated GS17)

Oaths Affirmations Declarations and Assents Canon 1992

Offences Canon 1962 (updated GS17)

Order of Deaconesses Canon 1969

Ordination of Women to the Office of Deacon Canon 1985

Ordination Service for Deacons Canon 1985

Prayer Book for Australia Canon 1995

Primate Canon 1985

Protection of the Environment Canon 2007

Reception Canon 1981

Redress for Survivors of Abuse Canon 2017

Safe Ministry to Children Canon 2017

See Finance and Information Canon 1966

Solemnization of Matrimony Canon 1981

Special Tribunal Canon 2007 (updated GS17)

Strategic Issues, Commissions, Task Forces and Networks Canon 1998 (updated GS17)

The Anglican Church of Australian Canon of 1966

Trust Corporation Canon 2010

Use of Church Names Canon 1989