The Anglican Church continues to actively support reconciliation between Indigenous people and the broader Australian community. Several resolutions have passed relating to Indigenous people at the 1998 and 2001 General Synod meetings. They concerned:

  1. a call for improved health outcomes (Resolution 02/01);
  2. a request for the repeal of mandatory sentencing (Resolution 04/01);
  3. reaffirmed the endorsement of reconciliation priorities (Resolution 07/01, 48/98);
  4. a reaffirmation of the importance of implementing the recommendations from the Bringing Them Home report (Resolution 09/01, 27/98);
  5. a funding commitment to the Indigenous ministries (Resolution 28/01);
  6. the formal recognition of and commitment to the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Anglican Council (Resolution 36/01); and
  7. the recognition that matters of native title require resolution (48/98).

The 1998 Synod also passed a bill that ensures that Indigenous people will have representation at General Synod. An Aboriginal and a Torres Strait Islander representative for each of the three houses of synod – bishops, clergy and laity - are to be elected (Canon 17, 1998).