From time to time, different parts of the church seek advice about some matter to do with the life of the Church.
For this purpose seven Commissions, made up of people with expertise in the particular areas, have been established to respond to requests for advice referred to them from the Primate, the Standing Committee, or the General Synod.
The seven Commissions are:


  • Church Law - examines questions of Church law concerning the constitution and other canons as well as making recommendations on legal matters of importance to the Church;
  • Doctrine - examines questions about the Church's theological position on issues and makes recommendations on matters of theological important to the Church;
  • Ecumenical Relations - encourages the Anglican Church to engage in bilateral dialogue with other Christian Churches and ensures the consistency of outcomes that arise from each of the major Dialogue Groups;
  • Liturgy - examines questions associated with the texts used for public worship and advises decision makers on matters concerned with the creative nurture and renewal of liturgical life in the Church;
  • Ministry - examines questions of mission in the church concerning the competency of ordained and authorised lay ministry and makes recommendations on matters of mission and ministry thar are important to the Church;
  • Professional Standards - has responsibility for the development and implementation of safe ministry policies and structures designed to prevent sexual misconduct and abuse by church workers; and
  • Public Affairs - examines social, economic and political questions which impact on life in Australia and on Australia's relations with the wider world and make recommendations on such matters to influence the life of the Church.