At the 2001 General Synod, the Church Law Commission (formerly known as the Church Law Panel) was established to:

  • to examine questions of Church law referred to it by the Primate, the Standing Committee or the General Synod, and to report on such matters to the referring party and the Standing Committee; and
  • to make recommendations to the Standing Committee on matters of church law which are of importance to this Church.

In recent years, the role of the Commission has broadened. Not only has the Commission provided constitutional, structural and "canonical" advice to General Synod but it has also advised on a range of non-ecclesiastical legal and commercial matters affecting the church.


The current membership of the Church Law Commission is:

The Hon. Debra Mullins (Brisbane) - Chair
The Hon. Clyde Croft SC (Melbourne)
Ms Emma Riggs (Adelaide)
Mr Eric Ross-Adjie (Perth)
Mr Ian Dallas (Bendigo)
Dr Ian Gibson (Melbourne)
The Hon. Michael Meek SC (Sydney)
Ms Rachel Ellyard (Melbourne)
Dr Robert Tong (Sydney)
Mr Steve Lucas (Sydney)