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Australian Anglican Historical Images - Exteriors - Post World War II
  Louis Williams, Australian (1890-1980)
West end, Holy Trinity Cathedral, Wangaratta, Victoria. 1962-65
Earlier sections had been executed 1908-9 and 1922-4 to designs by Walter Butler. Aided by the mellow glow of the local granite, its completion represented one of Williams’ more successful late efforts to capture ‘the spirit of Gothic’ while avoiding the decorative approach of most 19th century academic revival practicioners. Williams opened its west door to the Most Reverend Michael Ramsey, archbishop of Canterbury, for the dedication.
Photographer: Robin Page
  Mockridge, Stahle and Mitchell
St Faiths Burwood, Melbourne. 1958
The design reflected specific requirements indicated by the incumbent, but initially met with negative responses from some churchwardens and vestry members. Diocesan authorities finally approved its construction, because it was located in a side-street.
Photographer: Colin Holden
  Fowell, Mansfield and Maclurcan
Naval memorial Chapel of St George the Martyr, HMS Watson, Sydney New South Wales. 1961
The base of the spire is encircled by a crown with naval symbols; the east wall behind the altar gives an uninterrupted view of the Pacific.
Photographer: Robin Page
  McDonald and Whitaker
Holy Cross cathedral, Geraldton, Western Australia. 1964

Photographer: Ken Rogers
  Clarke, Gazzard and Partners
William Charles Wentworth Memorial Church, Watson’s Bay, Sydney. 1965
Notable for its innovative use of copper roofing and glass; the tower makes a dramatic vertical statement.
Photographer: Colin Holden
  Wilkins, Klemm and Morrison Pty Ltd
Christ Church cathedral, Darwin, Northern Territory. 1977
Built in the shape of an elongated octagon, this replaced a church from 1902 destroyed in the 1976 cyclone.
Photographer: Robin Page
  Stewart C. Combs
St Paul’s Deniliquin, New South Wales. 1977
A major window of Christ in Glory designed by Alan Sumner dominates the interior.
Photographer: Robin Page
  Neville Wallis
St Clement on the Hill, Stafford, Brisbane.
A septagonal building with crown of thorns and cross of boxed steel, weighing 3 ton, and rising 40 feet above the roof. See further Church Scene, 12/4/1979
Photographer: Robin Page
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