Task Forces

The Standing Committee of General Synod can establish a Task Force when it believes that the Church would benefit from specific advice on any issue, project or activity in any area of the Church's mission. Most Task Forces were set up and reported to the Strategic Issues Advisory Panel, which was itself dissolved by General Synod in July 2001. Since then only two Task Forces have been formed, the Children's and Youth Ministry Task Force and the Task Force on Mission.

Task Forces typically focussed on the dynamics of life in contemporary Australia so that the church community and individual Anglican Christians might live out their faith more effectively. With their clearly defined task boundaries, these groups operated only for a short time, averaging approximately eighteen months. Their recommendations were then put to the Standing Committee of the General Synod and their advice made available to Anglicans everywhere.

As Task Force reports were written to challenge the church and the wider community their findings should not necessarily be understood as an official or institutional pronouncement. The thoughts and opinions expressed by Task Force members were offered to all members of the Anglican Church as they think through the various issues and reflect on their ramifications for Anglican life and practice.

Although a particular Task Force may have fulfilled its responsibilities very often the specific issue itself continues to be of great significance, interest and concern to the Church as a whole. Anglicans are therefore encouraged to use the completed work of these Task Forces as a fruitful source reference material whenever they are endeavouring to grapple with these issues.