This collection is being built up as documents and images illustrating the history of Anglicanism in Australia. It is part of a strategy developed in the National Church Office to enable a better understanding of Australian Anglicanism. We have initiated a number of community identity seminars on our story [Anglican History], and our beliefs [Anglican Theology]. These seminars work at the postgraduate level and foster their respective disciplines and publish the results of their work.

The site is NOT designed to provide help finding or managing archival records. For enquirers seeking advice about records mangement or wishing to pursue evidence in archival collections associated with the Anglican Church of Australia go to: Community/Networks/Anglican archives on this site.

The first stage of this document and images collection grew out of the book Anglicanism in Australia: a history, produced by a group of scholars with Bruce Kaye as general editor. It was published by Melbourne University Press and can be ordered direct from the MUP website

The images are a collection showing Anglican church buildings in Australia, their exteriors and interiors, and many of the art works made for them in stained glass, metals, timbers, fabrics and textiles. It is designed to be of general interest, but it is particularly intended for use by those studying the fine arts, and architectural and liturgical history. It is the first such comprehensive style guide to be created for an Australian church denomination. These images have been collected and in many case created by Dr Colin Holden.

The texts in this first phase of the collection are, as far as possible, the full copies of items only cited or quoted briefly in Anglicanism in Australia. For this reason no scholarly comment has been added here: the context of the items can be found in the text of Anglicanism in Australia. This work has been carried out by the general Editor of the Collection, Dr Geoff Treloar.

The second stage in the accumulation and publication process is to add further images and documents drawn from a diverse range of sources. Dr Brian Dickey has joined Dr Treloar for this phase of the project. The continuing aim is to illuminate the history of Anglicanism in Australia. Documents important to the national life and history of the Anglican Church in Australia, as well as important ‘firsts’ and other items generally illustrative of that life and history, will be included. The editors have adopted a broad and inclusive approach to selection.

Certain forms of evidence are generally excluded. Since the Australian National Library is working towards digitizing leading newspapers from each capital city in Australia, newspaper reports and articles do not (in general) appear. A similar cooperative exclusion will apply where other digitization projects come to view. Likewise published books will not be included. On the other hand manuscripts, reports, pamphlets and other ephemera will appear. It should also be clear that this collection, unlike ProjectCanterbury does not include previously published secondary scholarship.

Each item or set of items, other than those connected to Anglicanism in Australia, is led by an introduction contextualizing it. These are signed by the relevant editor as author. Names of individuals preceded by * are found in the Australian Dictionary of Biography, and those by † are found in the Australian Dictionary of Evangelical Biography


Dr Brian Dickey - In regard to documents
Dr Colin Holden - In regard to the images
Dr Geoff Treloar - In regard to the documents